Larry Pickett


People from around the world have seen Larry Pickett on television as a popular TV show host and online with his Dealer Training Source online curriculum.

Now, you can bring Larry Pickett directly to your event as a speaker.

Book Larry to be a speaker at your event

Do you have a conference coming up?

Hiring Larry is a quick way to give your event a boost in credibility!

Larry has built a career on his ability to entertain and engage an audience.  He has honed his presentation skills in ways that less experienced speakers simply have not.  He understands how to tailor his message and presentation style based on the event and attendees.  

 By booking Larry you can ensure that not only will your audience have a memorable experience, but that they will also be more likely to attend your events in the future.

Everyone enjoys listening to a great storyteller.  Larry can hold an audience’s attention while delivering his message in an entertaining fashion.

 What Larry will say will resonate and stick with your listeners long after your event ends.  Larry is an expert in delivering valuable information across multiple platforms.

Larry will also help to promote your event using cross-promotion via his website and social media platforms.

Book Larry to come to your dealership to train your staff

Now, you can bring Larry Pickett directly to your dealership to provide training solutions, techniques and strategies.

Larry’s processes are designed to increase profitability and achieve affordable long-term results. 

His results-proven processes are tailored to meet your needs by analyzing your dealership’s operations and engaging your management team in developing the solutions.


He will:

  1. Find new profit opportunities and ideas that may not have even been on your radar.
  2. Fix what’s not working using processes and best practices that stick.
  3. Execute the solutions that are developed with your managers buy-in.


Agenda during Larry's 2-3 day visit

Establish Goals and Objectives!

Larry conducts an initial assessment with the Dealer or GM to understand key issues impacting the dealership and the objectives of the training. 

Whether it’s one department or your entire dealership group, Larry can help you manage better.

Larry conducts an on-site business review with the management team to assess performance. 

Operational gaps and hidden profit opportunities are uncovered by in this step.

Larry will offer proven best practices that he has implemented at other dealerships for your management team to incorporate into its action plan.

Larry will meet with the Dealer or GM to review the business opportunities and action plans that the management team has decided to implement.


Larry will only commit to a handful of dealerships per year so act now to get on his 2023 schedule.

Media Requests

From entertainment to business to social media, and everything in between, Larry Pickett has inspired people around the world.

You may be familiar with Larry’s influence, His expert knowledge of the auto industry has led him to be featured in major publications including Automotive News Magazine, Toyota Today Magazine, Broadcasting & Cable Magazine and others. Here’s your opportunity to book Larry for media appearances, interviews, television, print, podcasts, and more!

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