Sample the first 13 hours of the training!

Sample of the first 13 HOURS of training in the Dealer Training Source Curriculum

More about this video:

You are now enrolled in the most extensive and the most thorough training there is. In this module Larry explains all of the places that you will need to learn about when working at a dealership.

In this video your staff will learn about what to expect to learn while taking the Dealer Training Source curriculum.  You will also learn about Larry Pickett’s background and why his is more than qualified to lead your team to the next level.

Toyota National Dealer Councilman Fred Anderson Endorses Dealer Training Source

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What is Dealer Training Source?


Dealer Training Source gives you access to a full curriculum of courses that Larry has written and developed. He created it in a way to enhance the students learning experience.  Even the test questions are designed to measure comprehension and increase your team’s skill level.

Dealer Training Source is an online certification course full of specifically planned sequences of instruction. 

Including videos, role playing exercises, useful downloads and other learning materials.

The coursework and testing for each chapter is intentionally designed for the student to have to take notes as they watch each video.  If they don’t they will not pass the test linked to the training. If they don’t pass the test they will be forced to re-watch the training module that they just failed. 

There is even a randomizer on the test questions so that no 2 tests are alike. This ensures that your staff will learn from each module!

Each course was created to enhance the students learning experience!